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Reminders from Code Enforcement

Food Trucks


We all love food trucks, as long as they are clean and safe. Please ensure that your food truck operators are licensed to operate in the City of Vista. We inspect and license all food trucks operating in Vista. Please ensure your vendor is compliant prior to booking. Food truck vendors can schedule an inspection by contacting Clarence Rich at 760-639-6136. 

Outdoor Dining

outdoor dining

With the lifting of the COVID-19 emergency order in May 2022, the allowances for outdoor dining and temporary signs were rolled back to pre-COVID requirements. 

Compliance requirements include the following:

  • Banners
  • Portable Signs
  • Window Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Use of On-Street Parking Spaces
  • Temporary Shade Structures

Please return your establishment back to its pre-COVID style to ensure all businesses are operating under the same rules. If you're considering continuing outdoor dining and would like to understand your options, please contact the Planning Department at 760-639-6105. Depending upon the specific zoning and site requirements, changes may be allowed through the Use Permit process. 

Live Entertainment

electric guitar close up with fingers playing it

Businesses hosting bands, karaoke, and other live events are required to obtain a Live Entertainment Permit. In an effort to incentivize businesses seeking to increase traffic with live entertainment, the City has waived the permit fee for the first two years. To receive this fee waiver, a complete Live Entertainment Permit Package including a list of all employees and a proof of their Responsible Beverage Service training needs to be submitted to Sara Trench at